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The Saturnies : True tales from locals
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By Janna Hubacek 31 March 2017

When you arrive at the Alec et Gérard Pelletier concert hall in Sutton, affectionately known as the Cœur du Village, the ambiance is intimate and enrapturing. The setting evokes the aspect of sharing, and that’s exactly what Les Saturnies is all about. Les Saturnies are cabaret-style evenings devoted to storytelling, first-person narratives about life. The format is inspired by a movement that originated in New York, The Moth, whose goal is to promote the art and craft of telling true life stories that affect and unite us all in the richness of the human experience. Because, from New York City to Sutton, everyone has a story to tell.

Les Saturnies are in their second year at the Cœur du village in Sutton, and that attests to the great success of these evenings. The featured performers are common folks who have gone through a funny, unusual or memorable experience and are interested in sharing and talking about their experience, in front of a live audience. Lucie Hébert, one of the initiators of the project, explains: “The life narratives we listen to are steeped in richness, both for the audience member who is able to relate to this especially touching form of storytelling, and for the storytellers themselves who are able to share their life experiences. There is a great deal of pleasure in being able to flesh out the details of an anecdote, and the process often enables the storyteller to shed some light on a particular event in his or her life.”

At the most recent Saturnies, last February 24, I had the opportunity of letting myself be carried away by the storytellers’ life narratives. Each of these evenings is conducted under a specific theme, which the storytellers frequently explore in an unexpected manner. On this night, it was an open-door theme; in a figurative as well as a literal sense, the open door allowed us to go from one room to another, where there was an opportunity to seize or a gesture that altered one’s life course. The anecdotes that were shared took us from a tiny village in Normandy, to the suburbs of Montréal, with a stopover in a fishing hamlet in Turkey.

Don’t miss the next Saturnies evening, on Friday, May 26, at 8 p.m., where the theme will be: “A bout de nerfs” (At wits’ end).

Are you interested in sharing your story? New voices are always welcome, whether you’re a novice or seasoned storyteller. Workshops on the art of storytelling are offered by Andrée Pelletier and Lucie Hébert, both of whom have extensive experience in theatrical arts.

To learn more or to reserve tickets:

Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier
4c Rue Maple, Sutton, QC J0E 2K0
Telephone: 450 538-0486


Janna Hubacek

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