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The Fokker D.VII: A Prestigious Fighter Plane at the Brome County Museum
Art and Culture

Did you know that the Brome County Historical Museum has a German war plane from the First World War? Invented in 1917 by Anthony Fokker, a Dutch engineer and built by the German constructor Albatros Flugzeugwerke, the Fokker D.VII is...

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Laurent Busseau 17 July 2018

A Heritage Courthouse in Cowansville Since 1860
Art and Culture

Cowansville’s courthouse is a historic remembrance place for the Brome-Missisquoi region and also for the province of Quebec, since 1866. This was the year when sixteen captured Fenian prisoners were brought, under the strict protection of several Canadian government detectives,...

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Laurent Busseau 05 June 2018

German Military Prisoners in Brome-Missisquoi 1940–1946
Art and Culture

Being a part of the Dominion of Great Britain, Canada went to war in September 1939. England, worried about its safety, sent German war prisoners to their old colonies to avoid insurrections and a war on its own territory. Starting...

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Laurent Busseau 12 March 2018

The Eccles Hill site: A National Memorial in the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi
Art and Culture

The Fenian Raids Memorial, a federal heritage site within the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi, has become the focal point of a tour offered to tourists by the Stanbridge-East Missisquoi Museum. Located on Eccles Hill Road and bordering the United States near...

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Laurent Busseau 12 February 2018

Dunham’s Red Sashes: A “home” guard confronts the IRA
Art and Culture

The creation of The Red Sashes was a defiant reaction against the British authorities in the aftermath of the first Irish invasion by the IRA (Irish Republican Army), from June 7-10, 1866. After seeing their own homes pillaged and ransacked...

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Laurent Busseau 21 July 2016

A bordello between the province of Québec and the state of Vermont: The Palace of Sin (1912-1930)
Art and Culture

Did you know that border towns in the counties of Brome and Missisquoi had a substantial amount of bootlegging going on during the American prohibition that was declared in 1919? Frelighsburg and Abercorn were both major supply centres for bootleggers...

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Laurent Busseau 22 June 2016

Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Brome-Missisquoi in June of 1866
Art and Culture

In 1858 a secret Irish society was founded in New York to fight against the British Empire. In the aftermath of the American Civil War (1861-1865), it was this Fenian Fraternity or Fenian Brotherhood    that established an army of Irish...

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Laurent Busseau 02 June 2016

Agnes Salm-Salm, a genuine princess-adventurer from Brome-Missisquoi
Art and Culture

Princess Agnes Salm-Salm (1840-1912) was a fearless and independent woman, a roving artist and entertainer, comedian and, especially, a princess that stayed close to the battlefields and far from the princely halls. As an adventurer, she played a role in...

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Laurent Busseau 06 May 2016

Memories of the Abenaki First Nation in the MRC Brome-Missisquoi
Art and Culture

Prehistoric Amerindians in the Eastern Townships Who remembers that the first human settling in the Eastern Townships, in archaeological terms dates back 12,000 years Before Present (BP)i in the mountainous regions of Mégantic. In the MRC Brome-Missisquoi, small groups of...

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Laurent Busseau 08 February 2016

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